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Flexible coursework fits easily into schedules through self-paced learning through online tutorials, lessons, and hands-on projects

Professional Mentorship

Weekly guided meetings with classmates for group troubleshooting and professional insights to keeps you on track towards completion

Certification Ready

Pass the Microsoft Technology Associate Certification exam and step up your career by gaining recognition for industry standard competency


Python Image Building Prototypes with Javascript and Nodes.js
Python Image Intro to Programming in Java
Python Image Enterprise Software Development

Professional Mentors

  • Steven is a Senior Software Engineer at Steele Consulting and a volunteer instructor for Microsoft TEALS. He has over 7 years of experience in software development and has acted as a mentor for dozens of interns and students in the El Paso area.
    Steven Espinosa
  • Gus is the current Regional Manager of the Microsoft TEALS program in El Paso, Texas.  He learned computer science during graduate school to develop custom software for bioacoustics data processing and to program robots to automate laboratory experiments.
    Gus Arriaga

Microsoft TechSpark a national civic program aimed at fostering greater economic opportunity and job creation through partnership with rural and smaller metropolitan communities.